Release Date: 5/30/2024

SectorFlow v0.6.1 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of SectorFlow v0.6.1, a minor update that includes enhancements to the team functionality and a range of improvements to the user interface. This update is focused on refining the user experience and making it even more seamless and efficient to work with your team on SectorFlow.

What's New in SectorFlow v0.6.1:

  1. Updated Team Menu:

    • We've improved the team menu to provide quicker access to frequently used team functions. Popular features such as team settings, billing, and inviting members are now easily accessible via quick links under the team dropdown.
    • Switching between teams has become more streamlined, making it effortless to manage multiple teams.
    • The process of inviting members to your team has been simplified, making collaboration more accessible.

  2. User Interface Improvements:

    • We've made various refinements to the user interface across the platform, resulting in smoother navigation and enhanced performance.
    • Our goal is to continuously enhance the user experience, ensuring that SectorFlow is not only powerful but also a pleasure to use.
  3. Minor Bug Fixes:

    • This release also includes several minor bug fixes and performance improvements to ensure the stability and reliability of the platform.

We always strive to make SectorFlow better with every update, and your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the product. Please continue to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. Thank you for your ongoing support and for being a valued member of the SectorFlow community!

Enjoy the latest enhancements!

The SectorFlow Team