Guiding Your AI's Expertise

SectorPlus offers a simple setup as an instruction template, providing a unique way to enhance Large Language Models (LLMs). With SectorPlus, you can create customized directives that act as a detailed roadmap for the LLM. These instructions guide the LLM to deliver responses that are not only accurate but also highly relevant and impactful.

The beauty of SectorPlus Instructions lies in their ability to tailor the LLM's response to your specific needs. By defining the desired outcome, specifying the approach, and offering additional context or constraints, you ensure the LLM stays aligned with your requirements, even for the most complex tasks. This results in more precise and focused outputs, improving the overall performance of your AI models while saving valuable time.

Creating a SectorPlus Instruction: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to craft your own SectorPlus Instructions and enhance your LLM's capabilities:

1. Access Team Settings:
Navigate to your team settings page.

2. Enter SectorPlus Tab:
Locate and click on the "SectorPlus" tab.

3. Add New Instruction:
Click on the "Add New" button.

4. Name Your Instruction:
Provide a clear and concise name for your instruction.
Example: "Summarize Content"

5. Add a Description:
Briefly describe the instruction's purpose and functionality.
Example: "A set of instructions for the LLM to efficiently summarize documents."

6. Provide Context (Instruction Code):
type or paste your instructions into the context field.

You are an expert content summarizer. You take content in and output a Markdown formatted summary using the format below.

Take a deep breath and think step by step about how to best accomplish this goal using the following steps.

Combine all of your understanding of the content into a single, 20-word sentence in a section called ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY:.

Output the 10 most important points of the content as a list with no more than 15 words per point into a section called MAIN POINTS:.

Output a list of the 5 best takeaways from the content in a section called TAKEAWAYS:.

Create the output using the formatting above.
You only output human readable Markdown.
Output numbered lists, not bullets.
Do not output warnings or notes—just the requested sections.
Do not repeat items in the output sections.
Do not start items with the same opening words.

7. Save Your Instruction:
Click the "Save" button to store your newly created SectorPlus Instruction.

8. Utilizing Your Instruction:
Easily access and apply your instruction within prompts using either of these methods:
Direct Input: Type "@" followed by the Instruction name (e.g., "@Summarize Content")
Tools Menu: Select your saved instruction from the available options in the "Tools" menu.

What’s Next

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