v0.1 (Beta)

Release Date: December 27, 2023

Release Notes: v0.1 (Beta)

We are excited to announce the initial beta release of SectorFlow - v0.1 (Beta). This release marks the first step in our journey to provide a seamless AI-driven workflow platform. Below are the key features included in this release:


  • Create and Manage Workflows: Users can now create multiple workflows to manage different pipelines, models, and teams efficiently.


  • Team Collaboration: Users can form teams within their organization, allowing for collaborative project management and sharing of insights.

Multiple LLMs

  • Access to Various LLMs: SectorFlow has integrated multiple Large Language Models (LLMs), giving users the flexibility to choose the most suitable model for their needs.

Private Chat Interface

  • Secure Conversational Interface: Our platform now offers a private chat interface, enabling secure and confidential interactions with the chosen LLMs.

We are committed to improving SectorFlow and welcome your feedback to help us refine the platform. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build and enhance SectorFlow's capabilities.

Thank you for being part of our Beta journey!

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