SectorFlow Beta v0.2 Released: New Features and Enhancements!

SectorFlow Beta v0.2 Released: New Features and Enhancements!

Date: 01/22/2024

Hello SectorFlow Community,

We're excited to share that SectorFlow Beta v0.2 is now live! Our latest release focuses on improving the platform's intuitiveness and flexibility, making your AI workflow management even more seamless.

Here's what's new in v0.2 (Beta):

  • Squashed Bugs: Your user experience should now be smoother with the minor bugs from the previous version ironed out.

  • Clarified Concepts:

    • 'Project' Over 'Workflow': To avoid any confusion, we've renamed 'Workflow' to 'Project' for a more intuitive user experience.
    • 'Workflow' Takes Over 'Pipeline': Aligning with standard industry terminology, what was formerly known as 'Pipeline' is now 'Workflow'.
  • Revamped Pricing:

    • We've introduced a credit-based pricing model to replace tokens, offering you more adaptability in how you use SectorFlow.
  • LLM Multiplicity in Projects:

    • Run Prompts Across Multiple LLMs: You can now select various LLMs to participate in a single project and prompt them all at once, enhancing your ability to leverage diverse AI models.
  • Quick Compare Function:

    • Easily Compare LLM Responses: Our new feature allows you to swiftly compare the outputs from each selected LLM, making it easier to evaluate and analyze their insights.
  • New Premium Packages:

    • Basic Plan: Dive into SectorFlow with 10,000 credits for just $20/month.
    • Advanced Plan: Get more out of your AI projects with 75,000 credits for $100/month.
    • Power Plan: For the heavy users, access a whopping 300,000 credits for $250/month.

These enhancements aim to refine your interaction with SectorFlow and boost the productivity of your AI-driven projects.

We're grateful for the community's feedback, which has been instrumental in guiding these updates. Your insights help us continue to refine and evolve SectorFlow to meet your AI workflow management needs.

Stay tuned for more updates as we advance together in making AI integration effortless for every business.

Happy Creating,
The SectorFlow Team

Your continued support is shaping the future of AI workflow management. Join us on this innovative journey with SectorFlow v0.2 (Beta).

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