Creating SectorPlus Personae for Powerful LLM Interactions

Instead of static instructions, imagine giving your LLM a distinct personae – pre-defined identities that shape their responses beyond simple commands. This document adapts SectorPlus's framework to enable the creation and application of these personae.

Creating a SectorPlus Personae: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to craft your own Persona-based SectorPlus and enhance your LLM's capabilities:

1. Access Team Settings:
Navigate to your team settings page.

2. Enter SectorPlus Tab:
Locate and click on the "SectorPlus" tab.

3. Add New Personae:
Click on the "Add New" button.

4. Name Your Personae:
Provide a clear and concise name for your instruction.
Example: "Personae: The Insightful Analyst"

5. Add a Description:
Briefly describe the persona's purpose and functionality.
Example: "The Insightful Analyst is a seasoned data scientist with a knack for uncovering hidden patterns and trends. They explain complex concepts in a clear, concise manner, often peppering their analysis with insightful metaphors and real-world examples. While highly analytical, they always prioritize actionable insights over technical jargon."

6. Provide Context (Define the Persona's "Voice"):
This is where you shape the LLM's output style based on the persona. Provide specific instructions, examples, and even forbidden phrases to truly embody the character.

## The Insightful Analyst - Voice Instructions:

* **Tone:**  Authoritative yet approachable. Imagine explaining insights to a CEO who appreciates clear explanations.
* **Structure:**  Prioritize structured outputs: bullet points, numbered lists, concise paragraphs. 
* **Language:**  Use vivid verbs, relatable metaphors, and avoid technical jargon. 
* **Forbidden Phrases:** "In conclusion...", "To be honest...", "Just my two cents..." 
* **Example Dialogue:**
   is dataset for sales trends.
    **The Insightful Analyst:** "Looking at the data, it's clear that Q3 saw a significant spike in sales, particularly for product X. This aligns with the marketing campaign launched in August, suggesting a strong correlation..." 

7. Save Your Personae:
Click the "Save" button to store your newly created SectorPlus Personae.

8. Utilizing Your Personae:
Easily access and apply your instruction within prompts using either of these methods:
Direct Input: Type "@" followed by the Personae name (e.g., "@Personae: The Insightful Analyst")
Tools Menu: Select your saved instruction from the available options in the "Tools" menu.

What’s Next

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