Release Date: 3/5/2024

SectorFlow v0.4 Release Notes

We are thrilled to share the next iteration of SectorFlow with our beloved community - SectorFlow v0.4. This release packs a significant uplift in both functionality and user experience, promising to make your journey with us more intuitive and productive. Here's what's new in this version:

What's New:

New LLM Addition: Anthropic's Claude 3 Sonnet & Haiku model now available!

In our ongoing commitment to provide you with cutting-edge resources, we're excited to announce the addition of a new Large Language Model (LLM) to our suite, named 'Anthropic's Claude 3 Sonnet & Haiku'. Expect enhanced capabilities and potential for richer insights using Claude. This update symbolizes our continued effort to equip you with the most advanced tools available in the field. Take a leap into new realms of data exploration with Anthropic's Claude 3 Sonnet & Haiku in SectorFlow v0.4! Learn More Here: https://www.anthropic.com/news/claude-3-family

Enhanced Chat Interface

We've revamped the chat UI, positioning it squarely at the heart of your SectorFlow experience. This redesign focuses on making the interface more intuitive and interactive, ensuring smoother navigation and operation.

Files Capabilities

Prompting with Files: With the introduction of real-time file prompting, SectorFlow v0.4 breaks new ground, enabling seamless interactions between your data and SectorFlow's capabilities.

Collections: We've introduced the ability to aggregate your files into collections. This functionality allows for collective prompts across entire data collections, streamlining operations when working with multiple files and facilitating more comprehensive data trend analysis.

We've added a Product Tour for New Users

We're excited to announce that we've implemented a new interactive product tour for new users. This feature will guide you through the main tools and features available on SectorFlow, ensuring a smoother onboarding experience. We believe this addition will help new users navigate the platform with ease and fully utilize the capabilities SectorFlow v0.4 has to offer. Give it a try and embark on a powerful data discovery journey with SectorFlow!

Under the Hood Improvements

  • Bug Fixes and Backend Enhancements: We've addressed some bothersome bugs and made significant backend enhancements to ensure a smoother, faster SectorFlow experience.

We are eager for you to explore the new features and improvements in v0.4. Your unique insights and the innovative ways you delve into data inspire us daily, and we look forward to facilitating your discoveries and analyses with SectorFlow v0.4.

– The SectorFlow Team