Introducing SectorPlus by SectorFlow: Enhance the prompting capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs)

SectorPlus is an innovative solution that allows you to augment Large Language Models (LLMs) by providing structured instructions and domain-specific knowledge. With SectorPlus you can create custom directives that guide the LLM to generate responses that demonstrate expert-level understanding and deliver accurate, relevant information.

How SectorPlus Works

SectorPlus empowers you to define the desired outcome for the LLM and provide specific guidance and additional knowledge. By creating detailed instructions, you ensure the model stays aligned with your requirements and generates responses that are highly impactful and knowledgeable, even for complex or niche topics.

Check out some of the ways SectorPlus can be Configured

  • Experts : Our experts, powered by SectorPlus, are pre-built with specialized knowledge sets. These experts ensure your AI provides up-to-date, verifiable answers on specific topics.
  • Instructions: Guiding Your AI's Expertise, SectorPlus offers a simple setup as an instruction template
  • Custom Interaction Bots: SectorPlus can be designed for dynamic interactions, allowing you to tailor the interaction style and structure to suit various use cases
  • Persona's: Instead of static instructions, imagine imbuing your LLMs with distinct personae – pre-defined identities that shape their responses beyond simple commands

Utilizing Your SectorPlus Configuration

Once your SectorPlus Expert is created, you can easily access and apply it within prompts using either of these methods:

  • Direct Input: Type "@" and a list of SectorPlus's will pop up allowing you to find the prompt add on you need. name (e.g., "@Employee Benefits Expert").
  • Tools Menu: Select your saved instruction from the available options in the "Tools" menu.

What’s Next

Check out the following examples on using SectorPlus