v0.3.1 (Beta)

SectorFlow v0.3.1 Beta Release Notes

We're excited to announce the release of SectorFlow v0.3.1 Beta. This minor update brings enhancements and improvements aimed at improving your experience and broadening your capabilities on the platform. Below are the major changes introduced in this version.

What's New:

Account and Credit Updates

  • Free User Account Credit Limit Adjustment:

    • To balance the accessibility of SectorFlow with our capability to sustainably offer our services, we've adjusted the credit limit for free user accounts to 500 credits.
    • This adjustment ensures that all our users continue to have ample opportunity to explore what SectorFlow has to offer.
  • Expanded LLM Access for Free Accounts:

    • Upholding our commitment to democratize access to cutting-edge technologies, we've made all Large Language Models (LLMs) available to free account users.
    • This update aims to remove barriers to innovation by providing access to advanced tools without additional costs.

Performance Enhancements

  • General Improvements:
    • In our pursuit of excellence, we've made several minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
    • These improvements are a testament to our commitment to delivering a seamless and efficient user experience.

Feature Additions

  • New LLM Addition - OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo:
    • We're proud to introduce OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo (gpt-4-0125-preview) to our suite of LLMs.
    • This addition represents the forefront of AI development, offering improved capabilities and heightened efficiency across various applications.

Enhanced Experience

With these updates, our goal is to further improve the functionality and the overall experience on SectorFlow for all our users. We're committed to equipping you with the necessary tools and features, whether you're tinkering with new ideas or developing complex solutions.

Thank you for your continued support. We're enthusiastic about seeing the innovations you'll bring to life with SectorFlow v0.3.1 Beta. Your feedback is crucial in our mission to continuously enhance SectorFlow.

Enjoy the new features and happy creating!

– The SectorFlow Team