Usage policies

SectorFlow's policies ensure responsible, ethical use of our AI tools, focusing on business applications. Prohibited uses include illegal activities, harmful content, privacy violations, and high-risk government tasks. Compliance is mandatory for all users, with potential consequences for violations. These guidelines are adaptable to the evolving AI landscape.

At SectorFlow AI, we are dedicated to ensuring that our tools and services are used safely, responsibly, and for the betterment of all. Our usage policies apply to all users of SectorFlow AI's models, tools, and services, aligning with our commitment to harnessing AI for positive business use cases.

Compliance and Enforcement
Adherence to these policies is essential. Non-compliance may lead to requests for modifications, and repeated or serious violations could result in account suspension or termination. We reserve the right to modify these policies as we learn more about the use and potential misuse of our models.

Disallowed Usage
SectorFlow AI models, tools, and services must not be used for:

  1. llegal Activities: Any use that contravenes the law.
  2. Exploitative or Harmful Content: Including Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) or content that exploits or harms children.
  3. Hateful, Harassing, or Violent Content: Any content promoting hate, harassment, violence, or the humiliation of others.
  4. Malware Generation: Attempts to generate disruptive or damaging code.
  5. High-Risk Physical Harm Activities: Including weapons development, military purposes, or managing critical infrastructure.
  6. High-Risk Economic Harm Activities: Such as multi-level marketing, gambling, or fraudulent activities.
  7. Privacy Violations: Including unauthorized tracking or monitoring, facial recognition without consent, and misuse of personal data.
  8. Unauthorized Legal or Financial Advice: Our models are not designed to offer specialized legal or financial advice.
  9. Medical Diagnoses or Treatments: Do not use our models for serious medical condition diagnoses or treatment advice.
  10. High-Risk Government Decision-Making: Including law enforcement, criminal justice, migration, and asylum processes.
  11. Inappropriate Adult Content and Political Campaigning: Avoid using SectorFlow AI for adult content generation, erotic chat, and political lobbying or campaigning.

Targeted Business Use Cases
While our platform is versatile, it is specifically designed for business use cases. We encourage users to leverage SectorFlow AI in ways that enhance business efficiency, innovation, and decision-making, while adhering to ethical standards and legal regulations.

Monitoring and Reporting
SectorFlow AI monitors usage to ensure compliance with these policies. Users are encouraged to report any violations or concerns, which will be promptly addressed by our team or forwarded to the corresponding authority.

Policy Updates
This document is subject to change, and users will be notified of significant policy updates. Users are expected to stay informed and compliant with the latest policy standards.

By using SectorFlow AI, users acknowledge and agree to adhere to these usage policies. Non-compliance can result in access restriction or termination of service.