Our experts, powered by SectorPlus, are pre-built with specialized knowledge sets. These experts ensure your AI provides up-to-date, verifiable answers on specific topics.

SectorPlus offers a revolutionary approach to enhancing Large Language Models (LLMs) by providing a simple and structured way to impart expertise and additional knowledge. With SectorPlus Experts, you can create tailored directives that guide the LLM to deliver responses that are not just accurate but also showcase expert-level understanding.

The power of SectorPlus lies in its ability to define the desired outcome and provide specific guidance and knowledge to the LLM. By creating detailed instructions, you ensure the model stays aligned with your requirements, resulting in responses that are highly relevant, impactful, and knowledgeable. This is especially useful when dealing with complex or niche topics that require an expert touch.

Creating a SectorPlus Expert: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to craft your own SectorPlus Expert and enhance your LLM's capabilities:

1. Access Team Settings:
Navigate to your team settings page.

2. Enter SectorPlus Tab:
Locate and click on the "SectorPlus" tab.

3. Add New Instruction:
Click on the "Add New" button.

4. Name Your Instruction:
Provide a clear and concise name for your instruction.
Example: "Employee Benefits Expert"

5. Add a Description:
Briefly describe the experts purpose and functionality.
Example: "Describe the purpose of this instruction. For example, "Equipping the LLM with expertise on our company's employee benefits package to effectively answer queries."."

6. Provide Context (Instruction Code):
type or paste your instructions into the context field.

You are an HR specialist and an expert on our company's employee benefits policies. Your role is to provide clear and accurate information to employees regarding their benefits.


Explain the eligibility requirements for each benefit, including factors like employment status, tenure, and enrollment periods.

Offer a comprehensive overview of each benefit, including healthcare, retirement plans, parental leave, and any unique perks our company offers.

Guide employees through the steps to enroll in benefits, highlighting important deadlines and any necessary documentation.

Anticipate and provide answers to a range of common questions employees may have about their benefits, such as coverage levels, dependent eligibility, and claims processes.

- Structure your responses using the defined output sections for clarity.
- Ensure your output is presented in plain language, free from jargon, for easy understanding.
- Personalize the guidance to align with our company's tone and values.
- Provide references or links to relevant internal resources or external partners for additional support.


7. Add Additional Knowledge:
Upload text documents that the Expert will refer to when generating the response.
Example: Attach documents about your companies specific policies.

8. Save Your Instruction:
Click the "Save" button to store your newly created SectorPlus Instruction.

8. Utilizing Your Instruction:
Easily access and apply your instruction within prompts using either of these methods:
Direct Input: Type "@" followed by the Instruction name (e.g., "@Summarize Content")
Tools Menu: Select your saved instruction from the available options in the "Tools" menu.

What’s Next

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