v0.2 (Beta)

Release Date: January 22, 2024

Release Notes: v0.2 (Beta)

We are thrilled to announce the release of SectorFlow v0.2 (Beta). This update brings several enhancements, new features, and refinements to our platform. Here's what's new:

Minor Bug Fixes

  • We've squashed some bugs to improve your experience with SectorFlow.

Updated Labels

  • Workflow is now Project: We've renamed 'Workflow' to 'Project' for clearer understanding and navigation.
  • Pipeline is now Workflow: What was previously known as 'Pipeline' is now 'Workflow', aligning better with industry standards.

Updated Pricing Model

  • Credit-Based System: We've transitioned to a credit-based pricing model, moving away from tokens for more flexibility and ease of use.

Multiple LLMs per Project

  • Query Multiple Models: Users can now select multiple LLMs for a single project and send a prompt to all chosen models simultaneously.

Quick Compare Feature

  • Compare LLM Responses: Easily compare responses from each LLM selected in a query, streamlining the analysis process.

New Premium Packages

  • Basic Plan: For $20/month, get access to 10,000 credits.
  • Advanced Plan: For $100/month, enjoy 75,000 credits.
  • Power Plan: For $250/month, utilize a substantial 300,000 credits.

These updates are part of our ongoing effort to enhance SectorFlow's capabilities and user experience. We are constantly working to bring you the most innovative features in AI workflow management.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback as we evolve SectorFlow together.